Phi Beta Kappa Commons was home to the fourth annual yoga festival, Solsitium, where the yoga club hosts an outdoor yoga practice, meditation and has giveaways. 

Elon senior and yoga club president, GiGi Woodall said she hopes freshmen can find a home in yoga club just like she did four years ago. 

“Yoga club is so special to me because I ended up finding my best friends through it,” Woodall said. “So it's really become a community to me. And I want to share that with everyone here.”

The festival comes close the the end of a new initiative on campus called "Well Connected." The program encourages freshmen to track their involvement through PhoenixConnect with events they attend. The idea is to ease the adjustment from home to Elon, with the hopes of freshmen finding their home within a club on campus more quickly. 

Samantha Murray, advisor to the Elon yoga club and an alumna of Elon, said she's excited to see mental health programs here on campus like Well Connected. 

“I think it's any opportunity to practice self care at a younger age,” Murray said. “It's just really important to get students involved in knowing themselves better and being able to take that time for themselves, whether that's yoga or meditation or something else.”

Yoga Club meets weekly on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. in the Numen Lumen Pavilion.