Assistant professor of philosophy Lauren Guilmette said the decision to bring a train stop to Elon will depend on whether or not students care.

"I think there are a lot of good reasons why students should care," Guilmette said. "I mean for one thing there is the sustainability questions of how do we get from place to place."

However, members of the Philosollamas club already do care. The club met Wednesday night to discuss the positive impacts a train stop could bring to Elon University. 

Student leaders of the club said bringing a train stop to campus will give the community a sustainable way to burst the Elon bubble. They also want to free Elon students from car dependency. 

Dan Soracco is a senior at Elon and a member of Philosollamas and said he prefers taking the train to driving his car because it is safer, more cost efficient and offers more opportunities to socialize. 

“There’s this sense of individualism we’re kind of stuck with when you’re commuting every day in the car, unless you’re car pooling or something which is better than going individually," Soracco said. "It’s just been lost..this sense of community.”

The club recognizes bringing a train stop to Elon will not happen overnight, but Soracco said he hopes he can do everything he can to help the committee to leave his legacy at Elon.

Soracco said he made buttons for the train committee last year and plans on making more. The committee's long term goal is to bring the train stop to Elon, but their short term goal is to focus on creating a bus system to and from campus to the Burlington train stop.

"I'm excited about the busses to Burlington for all kinds of reasons," Guilmette said. "Not the least of which that I live in Burlington. Gosh that would be convenient."