Just a 10-minute walk from campus lies MaGerk’s Pub & Grill. According to its website, the restaurant takes “pride in fresh, homemade ingredients.”

The Philly-inspired restaurant offers a number of classic American pub-style dishes, ranging from signature cheesesteaks to “amazing nachos.” For those looking to feel “Philadelphia Brotherly Love in [both] the food and atmosphere,” MaGerk’s could be the place to venture to. 

The restaurant opened at Elon University in 2018, which added to the chain’s four other locations, two of which are situated in Philadelphia and Baltimore. The website mentions that the restaurant is “thrilled” to be open on its “first college campus town like Elon — a close knit, family-oriented community!” The staff at MaGerk’s takes great pride in the ability to create an enjoyable atmosphere for both families and college students alike. 

The restaurant offers a number of Philadelphia favorites, such as the Philly cheesesteak, which allows patrons the option to substitute steak for chicken. Both cheesesteak options include chips and pickles as sides. 

General manager Sammerah Qawasmy said, “we are known for our cheesesteak, but what people don’t realize [is] how much prep goes into our food — our food is homemade.” 

Cory Weller | Elon News Network
With the smell of fresh bacon in the air, Desmond Ozen, a cook at Magerks, prepares bacon to be used in various sandwiches.

Qawasmy also mentioned that from their soups down to the salad dressings, the staff takes great pride in creating handcrafted foods. The term homemade speaks to both the quality of food and atmosphere MaGerk’s aims to provide for its patrons.  

MaGerk’s also offers various standard American meals, such as burgers, wings and its twist on mozzarella sticks, mozzarella triangles, which are lightly breaded, flash-fried and served with a side of marinara dipping sauce. The pub also serves a number of unique items including cheesesteak egg rolls, which the website states are “hand-rolled” and served with “spicy ketchup.” 

In regards to the intended atmosphere of the pub, Qawasmy said, “we try to keep a clean, up-to-date atmosphere and have a modern aesthetic.” Sophia Dejong, a server at the restaurant, said there is something special about the Philly vibe within the pub atmosphere. 

“It’s a really fun, positive atmosphere with a bunch of college kids and people watching sports. It’s really great being here,” Dejong said. 

In part, the lively atmosphere at MaGerk’s can be attributed to the Philadelphia undertones in both its food and service. 

The atmosphere evokes a sense of “brotherly love” among the employees, which lets patrons feel at home. Customers can relax, watch sports games, converse with friends and enjoy food inspired by the Philadelphia location, all conveniently located near campus.