A new pilates studio in Koury Center is in the final stages of construction, according to Larry Mellinger, director of Campus Recreation and Wellness. 

Equipment is scheduled for delivery over fall break, which includes sound panels, trapeze tables and ladder barrels, Mellinger said. 

The studio is being built on one of the racquetball courts and is expected to be fully operational next semester. 

The project, which is nearly two years in the making, will allow Campus Recreation and Wellness to offer more pilates classes at a higher quality, Mellinger said. 

“We have offered Pilates classes in the past, but we have not had the equipment to be able to offer the types of classes that we will when the studio is opened,” Mellinger said in a statement to Elon News Network. “Not only will the quality of our Pilates classes be enhanced, but having a dedicated space for this type of activity will also allow us to expand offerings.”

Campus Rec. will have a dedication ceremony for the studio over Homecoming Weekend and may pilot classes at the end of this semester and over J-term, according to Mellinger.