SGA held its first town hall meeting of the new year in Moseley Center on Thursday. Executive President Kenneth Brown opened up a discussion about inclusivity and how sexual assault is handled on Elon University's campus. 

The Privilege Protest, which took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, addressed diversity concerns on campus. SGA discussed what steps it could take moving forward to improve inclusivity and keep the fire of the rally going.

“We need to be better at knowing our history,” said Jewel Tillman, senator of cultural organizations. “Elon is situated on white privilege and white supremacy.” 

SGA hopes to “ally” with other organizations in the future and bring students to discussions who are not as civically engaged.

Brown also presented on the Department of Education’s Title IX changes. Title IX is a federal law that protects people from discrimination based on sex in education. Because Elon University receives some federal funding, it still has to comply with Title IX. If passed, the changes to Title IX regulation would be implemented at Elon by next fall. 

Charlie Cheema, executive vice president of SGA, encouraged students to write to the Department of Education directly. 

SGA will hold its first business meeting of the new year on Feb. 21. In that meeting, student government will be proposing structural changes addressing how committees are grouped to “modernize” the organization as whole.