Brightening everybody's day is what Elon Dining employee Sharon Paylor's co-workers will remember most about her. 

Sharon Paylor

Paylor died Wednesday, Jan. 2, after suffering a heart attack on her way to work at Fountain Market on the first floor of Clohan Hall.

Sheena Thomas, a food service worker at Fountain Market, worked with Paylor and said that her death is a great loss to the community.

"She brightened everybody's day," Thomas said. "She did a lot of talking to the students. She made them feel good, and that made us feel good." 

When reflecting on her fondest memories of Paylor, one came to mind.

"Sharon could not sing at all. She used to love to try and sing, so we used to tell her all the time, 'Why don’t you just quit crying.' But that was her thing; she would always try to sing to try to make us happy, lift our spirits," Thomas said.

Casey Claflin, guest experiences manager of Elon Dining, said Paylor "will be extremely missed by the whole Elon Dining community."

Paylor's funeral will take place on Sunday, Jan. 6, at the New Ephesus Baptist Church in Ruffin, North Carolina, at 3 p.m. She is survived by her husband Marvin Paylor, an Elon Dining employee at Acorn Coffee Shop, and her daughters Prentiss and Abena Paylor.