A campus is one big community and should be treated as such. On campus, you can see dogs playing, people biking and walking or a game of cornhole ensuing. Everyone has a space here, and it’s important to respect that space. 

The Call to Honor Ceremony served as a reminder of the value of respect as it is one of the core values of the university. To operate in an honorable manner, one must have respect. Elon University’s Honor Code holds that respect is to “be civil. Value the dignity of each person. Honor the physical and intellectual property of others.” 

The majority of students that stroll through campus attended the Call to Honor Ceremony their first year at Elon, and the Honor Code discussed then remains true. The Honor Code does not just apply in the moment, but throughout one’s time at the university and beyond. Operating with respect applies to all areas of one’s life that exist both on and off campus.

As we are halfway into the semester, it’s more important than ever to remember to have and operate with respect. As people are getting comfortable in their space here at Elon, it is crucial to be mindful about how you are respecting that space. Respecting the physical autonomy of individuals is something to be mindful about, because as one begins to get comfortable with the people around them, it is important to have self-reflection. In this self-evaluation, consider your actions and how they might make others feel. The things that you say and do can have an impact on others. 

A significant part of respect is in your actions and what you are saying. Having mindfulness in regard to what you are saying and who you are saying these things about is a way to be respectful.

Are you being polite to the people around you? Are you valuing the time others are taking to work with you?

While respect can be as big as the questions I posed, it’s also as simple as minding where you walk on the sidewalk when your head is down, staring at your phone, and you’re about to run into someone. Respect is holding the door for someone. Respect is saying hello to the people that live in your dorm. Respect is smiling at or saying hi to a familiar face when you’re walking around on campus. Respect is about stepping outside of your own space so you can be mindful of the space of others. It’s saying I see you, I value you, therefore I am respecting you.