This week, SGA announced the first student/faculty basketball game, an event that will debut on Tuesday, Oct. 30, at 6 p.m. in Alumni Gym during this year’s Homecoming Week. 

SGA also announced it will be giving away prizes at the event, including Elon apparel, an Amazon Kindle, tickets to this year’s Homecoming Concert and more. Although the performer has not yet been named, SGA said there will be a halftime performance at the basketball game as well.

Named to the faculty team are Charlotte Smith, women's basketball head coach; Mike Neiduski, Title IX coordinator; Brandon Booker, instructor of communications; Scott Morrison, assistant professor of education; and Eddie Seijo-Vila, practice manager of Student Health. 

Making up the student team are freshmen Zachary Cioffi and Lauren Belk, juniors Melody Burke and Paula Materin and seniors Cooper Watt, Meagan Henderson and Joshua Simmons.

In SGA’s official statement on the matter, student body president Kenneth Brown Jr. said, “With Homecoming being a week this year, we really wanted to challenge ourselves and do something cool and special to start it together. We think it’ll be a neat opportunity, and having it in Alumni is the icing on the cake, bringing that 'old' Elon feel back.”