BURLINGTON — The casual conversation among patrons, rustic yet modern furniture and good coffee combine to create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone entering Converge Coffee Bar & Café. 

Converge has been open and selling coffee since Aug. 24, and its four owners saw that opening the coffee shop was a necessity. Converge co-owner Kimberly Jordan said two of the other owners, Kevin Jordan and Daniel Krenzer, run a roastery in Graham. 

Kimberly said the opening of the coffee shop was “born out of the need to get our coffee into the hands of more people.”

The comfortable chairs, the sound of the barista preparing coffee for customers and rows of pastries lined up on the counter helps give off the appearance of a simple, ordinary coffee shop, but that’s certainly not the case. 

Converge provides coffee from different parts of the world based on whether that particular bean is in season. 

Not only that, but Kimberly Jordan also said they serve “Nitro Coffee,” which is a “cold brew infused with nitrogen.” 

This beverage provides coffee lovers with a light, refreshing option on a hot, fall day in North Carolina. This is a new addition to their menu as well, having only been on tap for a week, according to Kimberly. 

With Converge being so close to Elon University, Kimberly said the owners were “very open” to the idea of drawing in Elon students. 

Kimberly’s daughter, Krystjan, is a barista at the coffee shop and she said she has already seen business from students since the academic year started just over a month ago.

“We are really thankful to be so close to Elon because it will bring us business, but we have seen a whole lot of Elon students,” Krystjan said. 

Coffee is not the only reason Elon students should be excited that Converge is now open. 

This shop also provides students with another location to study and work. At the coffee shop, there is a separate room from the dining area. Kimberly explained that this room can be reserved, free of charge, and that she would love to see Elon students “take advantage” of this room as a quiet place to study or work on group projects. 

In addition to the study room at Converge, the coffee shop will also provide live music once every month. Kimberly said their next scheduled live music event will be held on Oct. 19.