Tonight, Elon University's Class of 2022 voted for its new SGA representatives. According to Janna Lynn Patterson, dean of students and faculty advisor to SGA, 672 freshmen voted. That's a 130 vote increase from last year. Every position was filled except treasurer, which SGA Executive President Kenneth Brown Jr. will appoint at a later date. 

President: Lauryn Adams

During freshman orientation, freshman Lauryn Adams enjoyed the diversity and inclusion sessions she learned throughout the week. When she stepped out of the auditorium and orientation was over, she felt all those ideas of diversity were no longer there. These ideas led her to use diversity and inclusion as her platform to run and become the president of the class of 2022. 

"I have plans to take those steps to actually bringing those ideas to fruition instead of sitting and pondering about them," Adams said. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she was inspired to join the student government association when she first toured Elon. Her cousin, junior Olivia Murray, who was the former president of the class of 2020, also inspired her to run. "I want to work with a lot of other students not just be involved in SGA," Adams said. "But letting that be a bridge to other networks around campus and to hear the voices of other people and have a better sense of collaboration that will make a stronger sense of community."

Vice President: Mason Curtis

Freshman Mason Curtis first heard about SGA from senior and student body president Kenneth Brown Jr. As part of the Odyssey program, Curtis heard from Brown about his experiences in the organization and what it provides its members. 

"It struck me as something I wanted to do and to play a role in connecting the student body," Curtis said. Curtis is from Atlanta, Georgia, and he has always valued leadership. Though he did not get involved in student government at his high school, he says he wanted to do it at Elon. What motivated him to run for Vice President was to improve the ways the freshman class communicated with each other. "I want to have easier ways to meet each other," Curtis said. "And kinda grow cohesively together, and I want to hear from them and what they want."

Secretary: Austin Moore

When freshman Austin Moore heard the speech the student body president Kenneth Brown gave at convocation, she says she felt motivated to run in the class of 2022 elections. When she received the email about running shortly after, she figured she would apply and run. 

"I thought it was perfect because it always seems like something that is so distant," Moore said. "But when we got the email I was like this is something I can actually do."

 Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Moore has previous experience in being a secretary and she ultimately decided to run to get to know more people in her grade and be part of an organization she would enjoy. 

"I feel that a lot of times in student government its an us and them thing," Moore said. "I want it to be a bridge between student body and student government."

Senator: Ireland Horan, Hailey Jurgens, Josephine Williams

Honors Board: Anna Daniel, Sydney Coker