A community taking action this week as people from all over the southeastern region fled Florence.   

“This is a trying time and experience for people who haven't seen the magnitude of a hurricane," said Red Cross Facility Coordinator Kevin Hinton.

Alamance County has been working to meet the needs of any individual seeking shelter. 

“We can take an influx of people whether it be three or four at a time or 20 at a time," Hinton said. 

After the first shelter in Alamance County, The Lamb's Chapel in Haw River, reached maximum capacity yesterday evening, it was time for an alternative plan. 

Hinton says safety is the top priority and says this emergency action plan is in place for anyone looking for another safe haven.

"I pray that all people will be safe and that they would wisely choose a time they want to get out and to get out early," said Hinton. 

"This safe haven is only possible if everyone is on board …. including inmates from the Alamance County Jail. 

According to Director of Public Information for the Alamance Sheriff's office, Kirk Puckett, nine jail inmates were vital pieces to this natural disaster plan.

Puckett said these inmates helped to lay out 80 sleeping cots and distribute blankets.

"They went right to work as soon as the tongue on the trailor was dropped down," Puckett said. "They went in there unboxed what needed to be unboxed, got everything set up." 

These inmates have all been charged with low-level misdemeanors, and Puckett said any opportunity to shine is a win for everyone.

"It's an advantage for them. For every hour that they work, we try to negotiate with the court system to get early release," Puckett said. 

Puckett said that with Red Cross volunteers stretched thin throughout the the state, a lending hand, goes a long way. 

"These are guys who might have been sentenced for DWI, bad check writing, things like this. These are not guys who are violent offenders," Puckett said. "These are guys who have found themselves in an unfortunate situation."

As the wind picks up and water rises, there is a glisten of hope and a chance for a fresh start.

"This is when everyone's stars get to shine," said Puckett.