Elon University is asking students, faculty and staff to move their vehicles ahead of 1700 new students moving in to dorms. Towing will be enforced in the following lots between 8 p.m. Thursday and 8 p.m. Friday. 

·         Hunt lot (both in front and behind the Schar Center) must have all athletes, coaches, and staff cars out of this lot

·         Global Neighborhood lot

·         Ingold lot

·         Oaks lot

·         Koury lot

·         McMichael lot

·         Historic Lots by the new East Area Neighborhood off of E. College and Oak Avenues

·         East Lebanon spaces along the railroad tracks

·         Lindner lots

·         Colonnades lots

·         Spaces along E. College Avenue by the tennis courts

·         Danieley Center

·         Inman Admissions lot

Cars can be moved to the following lots.

·         Francis Center

·         South Campus parking lots

·         Station at Mill Point

·         Arts West

Anyone with questions is asked to call New Student and Transition Programs at 336-278-7000 or to contact your primary staff person.