Vandalism damages to the first floor bathroom in Smith residence hall have exceeded $100,000, according to Jon Dooley, vice president for student life. Elon University is planning to charge all Smith residents $300 at the end of the semester. 

In a letter to residents, Dooley said the charges will be added to the students' tuition unless the individual or individuals responsible are identified.

"The damage was a clear violation of our Honor Code, and it is disappointing that no one has taken responsibility or provided information about the individuals involved," Dooley wrote.  

The cost includes damages from a ripped urinal from the wall, damaged exit signs and broken ceiling tiles in September 2017. The total cost does not include the installment of security cameras.

Smith resident Michael Sloan says charging each resident is not fair.

"I physically was not on campus when this incident happened and I still have to pay $300 for it," Sloan said. 

According to the letter, the charges would be nearly $1,000 per resident for the community damages, but they are only charging the residents $300. If the remaining total is divided by the entire Elon community, each student would have to pay just over $11. 

In accordance with the University Housing Agreement, section 3, residents are responsible for community damages “in halls or sections where the university has determined that there is theft or undue abuse of university property and the responsible individual(s) cannot be identified."

"I don't think it should be all on us to find the person [responsible]," Sloan said. "The investigation needs to keep going because it's unfair for everyone in this hall especially to have to pay when all of our stuff got damaged."

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Correction: Jon Dooley's name was spelled incorrectly in the first version of the story. His title was also inaccurate. He is the vice president for student life.