Update: Tuesday, 10:21 a.m.

Two Elon University football players — Khalil Moore, 18, and Jeremiah Bridges, 19 — were both charged with a Class I felony secret peeping in preliminary hearings Monday.

Their lawyers will make opening arguments at their next court date on Wednesday, May 10. 

Moore and Bridges were arrested by Elon Campus Police and booked in the Alamance County jail shortly before 9 p.m. on April 21. Both have posted bail and have been released.

According to arrest warrants obtained by Elon News Network, Moore and Bridges “secretly and for the purpose of arousing sexual desire” used a laptop to film a woman without her consent in their Danieley dorm room on Jan.15.

Both Moore and Bridges were freshman starters on the football team during the fall 2016 season.  Both are still listed as students in Elon's student directory. 

Moore and Bridges were also two of the players suspended earlier this year after they shot paintballs at Maynard House, the home of University President Leo Lambert. No charges were filed in that instance.

Khalil More and his father talk to a police officer before his preliminary hearing April 24. Photo by Diego Pineda

Jonathan Jones, an Elon communications professor and former prosecutor, said that it is unlikely that the two will see any actual jail time for the peeping charge. He said that since it is their first true offense, they may only see probation.

“It’s a Class I felony and North Carolina Law defines pretty clearly a range of judgments that a judge can impose for a Class I felony, and that’s based entirely off their prior record,” Jones said.

Jones did say though, that if the video was spread over the internet, the charges could intensify.

According to the presiding judge, the maximum prison sentence Moore and Bridges could currently face is 24 months.

“The judge could declare the person sharing the video as a danger to the public,” Jones said. “This is a charge that should someone be convicted of its potential — and it’s not automatic — but it’s potential that they could be put on the sex offender registry.”

We will continue to update this story as it develops