Yesterday at Speakers' Corner, The Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life sponsored Elon’s 2017 Holi, one of the largest Hindu festivals, which celebrates spring, new life and energy. The religious gathering invited all students, staff and Elon community members to partake in the fun. Participants threw cups of paint in hues of yellow, blue, green and pink into the air and at friends, and danced in the colors to Bollywood and American beats.

The event accomplished its overarching goal; that hindus and non-hindus alike would come away with new perspectives after being immersed in the culture.

"Awesome, it was awesome," said sophomore Abhinav Nitesh, a Multi-faith intern at the Truitt Center. "I think most of the people took away why we are celebrating Holi."

Over 1,000 cups of paint were set out in boxes along the blue tarp that stretched over a grassy section of Young Commons. By the time the last dancers had left the ceremony, all of the cups were empty.

The Truitt Center looks forward to celebrating Holi again next spring.