It's Sigma Kappa's big/little sister reveal today and an unusual moment has already gone viral on social media.  

Freshman Julia Dick turned around to discover her big sister and started running toward sophomore Eliza Singleton. Simultaneously, Singleton was jumping into Dick's arms when Dick's new shoes caused her to slip on the Sigma Kappa house patio. 

"I tried to jump on her so then we just kind of completely missed each other. I face planted. I have a few bruises," Singleton said. 

But the pain hasn't stopped her.

"Even though it hurt, I guess it was kind of worth it," Singleton said.

She feels normal except for her arms hurt. There's no headache yet, but she says if she feels dizzy or nauseous she'll get help immediately. And even her Sigma Kappa sisters were shocked at what happened. 

"Everyone was just like awe and then everyone was just like ohhh," Singleton said. 

After getting up, many of her sorority sisters started laughing so hard they cried. 

"Everybody is really concerned which is nice," Singleton said.

Now the video is going viral.

"I think people are more excited about it than I am," Singleton said.

She said she's even had someone ask her to join the football team. 

"I'll take the five seconds of fame and it'll go down in history in Sigma Kappa," Singleton said with a smile on her face.