"What's your name?" the legend said.

"Alex," Alex Attanasio, Danieley Residence Area Coordinator said.

The legend asks where she is from showing his interest in learning students, even ones he's never met. 

On Thursday evening Dr. James Earl Danieley began every conversation just like this.

The Elon legend visited Daniel Commons in the Danieley Neighborhood to meet with students and learn about them. At the beginning of the year, the 92-year-old former Elon president did not attend move-in day festivities as usual. Because of the heat and his health he stayed inside Blakey Hall, the assisted living community where he lives. 

"On a personal level I've never met Dr. Danieley, but I've heard all the stories about him," Attanasio said. "It was really awesome to hear his stories from him."

And his stories impacted students such as senior Nina Stevens, Danieley Neighborhood Association student leader.

“Danieley M, Colclough Hall, is named after the man that actually called and told Dr. Danieley that he was going to be the president at Elon," Stevens said. "They were really good friends for awhile. He knew him when he was a student here." 

George Colclough invited him back to be president in 1957. 

And for Stevens his stories have come full circle, but she soon learned of his legacy. 

"I am just so excited he got to come here and see us and be with all of us, because he's just so great," Stevens said.