The Company Shops Market, also known as Burlington's Food Co-Op, is discussing creating a satellite store in Elon. A satellite store is a retail store that is part of the larger parent store, but in a different area. Company Shops Market is community-owned by those who live in the Burlington area, not investors. The location could be on the ground floor beneath Elon's new Park Place apartments located on West Haggard Avenue next to Skid's Restaurant.

About a month the Co-Op was approached by Elon University's dining program, Aramark, to discuss a partnership.

"Aramark and the Elon folks have been very generous in their offer to Company Shops and they're doing everything the can to make it possible for Company Shops to come and participate, partner with them to do the store," Company Shops Market President of the Board of Directors, Clay Smith said.

But, there are 3200 owners who take share in supporting the Co-Op. The Board of Directors and some of these shareholders shared their opinions on Saturday to discuss how a Co-Op is community "owned and governed," whereas Aramark is publicly owned.

"We wanted our owners to have an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions about whether this would be a good idea or not," Smith said.

On Thursday March 17 the Co-Op shareholder and Board of Directors will have another meeting to see if they'll continue this conversation.