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Presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson held a town hall meeting today at Abundant Life Ministries in Jefferson, Iowa.

Carson told the audience to encourage their family and friends not to specifically vote for him, but to vote for anyone on the conservative ticket.

He noted having another progressive as president would be detrimental for the country's future.

Carson encouraged the audience to think ahead with the future generations in mind.

"We have to start thinking what are we going to do for all our children and grandchildren and all those after that" he said.

Carson referenced the Bible's view on taxation while explaining his14.9% flat corporate and household tax rate.

A nurse in the audience asked Carson about his plans for healthcare reform. He spoke about his Health Empowerment Accounts initiative, saying citizens would be born with personal healthcare benefits that each family member could share with one another.

Carson's wife Candy also made an appearance at the event, exclaiming her support for her husband.

Carson will continue to campaign across the Hawkeye state for the rest of the week.