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Bill and Chelsea Clinton attended an organizing event for Hillary Clinton's campaign at Lincoln High School in Des Moines on Saturday.

With the former president and first daughter at opposite ends of a "Fighting for us" campaign sign, the two explained to the crowd why the former First Lady and Secretary of State is right for the job.

"Everything I care most about is at stake in this election." said Chelsea Clinton.

She listed issues such as a women's right to choose, climate change, and core American values that she said have been "under significant assault".

"I've known my mom my whole life," Chelsea Clinton joked to the crowd, "And I think that's pretty awesome."

She then turned the microphone over to Bill Clinton, who she said has known Hillary Clinton longer.

Former president Clinton echoed similar statements President Obama made in his State of the Union address.

In regards to the economy, Clinton said, "We are the best positioned big country in the world."

He also discussed the decreasing life expectancy of non-college educated, middle-aged white people.

"These people are dying of a broken heart because they think the American Dream is out of reach." he said.

He concluded that Hillary Clinton will not give up on those people as president and work to give all Americans a better life.

Hillary Clinton returns to the state Monday for an organizing event in Toledo, IA. It will be her first public appearance in Iowa following Sunday's Democratic Debate.