Think about your time at Elon University. What you have done, who you have met, where you have gone and, most importantly, who you have become.

I talk about my Elon experience at least three times a week as I walk around campus with prospective students and their families. I tell them about every caring faculty member I have encountered, every staff member who has encouraged me to be my best and every student who has made a positive impact on my life. I talk about my experiences, my happiest moments on Elon’s campus and the things I will miss the most when I leave.

At the end of my tour, I always tell families how my dad asked me when I committed to Elon, “Is it worth the investment?” Even then, I knew it would be. And now, four years later, I swear that I would pay double, even triple, to start my Elon experience all over again.

My return on my investment in Elon has been more than I could ever imagine. I have gained lifelong friends and experiences that will take me far into my future, but most importantly, I have found home. And that is priceless.

Your time at Elon is an investment. It is an investment in yourself and your education. It is an investment that was made possible by the investments of past Elon alumni — and now it is our time to give back.

Think about it: Your tuition only covers 80 percent of the cost of your education and includes the cost of maintaining Elon as is. What does it not include? Your state-of-the-art lab equipment in McMichael, the grass you’ve played flag football on and the Phi Beta Kappa Commons where we all gather on Tuesday mornings. Where do these wonderful things and more come from? Elon alumni. Without them and their generous gifts, Elon would cease to exist.

It is because of those who have invested in me that I have invested in Elon through the Senior Class Giving campaign, and why I encourage all seniors to do so as well. Make a thoughtful gift to help support the next generation of Elon students. You have the ability to choose from hundreds of designations around campus — anything from student scholarships, athletics, specific majors or departments. Simply choose where your gift could make the greatest difference.

Donate to the Senior Class Giving campaign in the amount of $20.16 or any other sized donation at and invest in the future.

Courtney Sola is Communications Director for the Senior Class Giving Committee.