The town of Elon's Board of Aldermen approved annexation for the Schar Convocation Center. This allows the property of North Williamson Avenue behind Elon University's Hunt Softball Field to become property of the Town of Elon and Elon University. Before, the land was only a part of the county, but not the town.

All seven Board members voted in favor of this ordinance on Tuesday evening.

The developments that border the annexation include the neighborhood, Henton Place; the retirement community, Blakey Hall; and Elon University's Hunt Softball Field.

This area was privately owned farmland, which owners sold the school for development.

Currently, the property is in a residential neighborhood which is not part of the town of Elon and is considered only part of the county. Elon has requested that it becomes part of Elon University's property through annexation. Since the property became voluntarily annexed Elon University will:

  • be exempt of paying for re-zoning costs
  • be exempt of paying property taxes
  • get fire protection
  • get Elon Town of Police security
  • get water and sewage capabilities





The multipurpose convocation center was in the original 10-year Elon Commitment strategic plan. The large gathering space will be used for major events including convocations, regional and national conventions, and special occasions.

The timeline for beginning construction is not yet known.