“On my honor, I will uphold the values of Elon University: honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect.”

Tradition is the passing of customs or beliefs from generation to generation — or in Elon’s case, from class to class. The Call to Honor, held once every fall is Elon’s ceremony to do just that.

I will never forget the first time I signed the Honor Code and received my Honor Coin. The sun was beating down as I leaned over the table holding the Honor Code book. Just by looking at the book, I could tell it was rich with tradition. This book had been signed by generations of Student Government Officers, vowing to uphold the honor and integrity of the university. As I signed the book, I knew I was committing myself to be a part of something much bigger than myself. I was signing an eternal commitment to uphold what it means to be a member of Elon’s community.

Honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect. Each class is assigned a value.

The Class of 2019 will represent respect. Respect, as outlined by the honor code, is to be civil, to value the dignity of each person and to honor the physical and intellectual property of others.

All Elon students have affirmed their belief in this value, and therefore should be taking this into consideration every time they make a decision. Students have vowed to ask themselves, “Is what I’m about to post on Yik Yak respecting my peers? Is dropping this piece of trash on the ground respecting my community? Is cheating on this test respecting the intellectual property of my professor and classmates? Is using this word, dripping with inexcusable hatred, respecting those marginalized groups in my community?”

The Honor Code is more than something written on a poster. It is more than a code of conduct. It is more than a guideline for the classroom. It is a foundation for civil and academic excellence that will hopefully carry on into our postgraduate lives.

I would encourage all students to attend the Call to Honor 9:40 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 10 at Phi Beta Kappa Commons in the Academic Village to reaffirm their commitment to what binds all Elon students together.