Elon has made many efforts to be a more sustainable campus, including the use of alternative energy. More than 9,000 solar panels are being installed in Loy Farm.

Workers from Solar Tight Installation or S-T-I, came from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to install Elon's latest green energy source.

"Basically we're doing it from the ground up. We pounded all the poles in the ground and we've also made all the rack systems and now we're at the point where we straightening their raise and lay the panels on," said Foreman Bill Dostellio.

Each panel ranges in cost between $300 and $500. And the weight of each panel is just as heavy as the cost, close to 40 pounds.

STI has been hauling, lifting, and drilling solar panel installation in Elon for about a month, but the work is not done.

"I think maybe we'll probably be here at least two more weeks," Dostellio said.

According to Vice President of University Communications Dan Anderson, the crew is building a 4,500 megawatt system. This will give electricity to about 415 homes.

Once the solar panels are completed solar panels, it is set to a 20 degree angle facing south so it gets the most direct sunlight.

"They still have to do some wiring and hook up some converters which you can see them over there. The electricians will be here after us. We'll be out of here before them," Dostellio said.

All the bolts will be torque marked so the panels stay at its proper angle and do not come loose. And if it does come loose STI will be informed.

Dostellio also says the labor is not hard, just continuous.