Hebe Fuller has been an international admissions counselor for 25 years, but it was only until 2014 that she became Elon's Associate Dean and Director of International Admissions.

"The first thing we do [is] travel," said Fuller. "We physically go to other countries and visit schools."

Fuller, who was also an international student herself, said she has a personal connection to international applicants.

"The commitment to diversity [here] was really impressive, and I had not really seen that [elsewhere]," said Fuller.

"Many schools say they want to diversify the campuses and make a difference. [But] what is happening here at Elon is significant."

Fuller was previously employed at Hawaii Pacific University, and she said she believes her past experiences have helped her succeed in her new position.

"Not growing up in the U.S., I was fascinated by the education here," said Fuller. "I know what it's like to be on the other end and to get the news, exciting news, and [the] excitement of going to school in the United States."

Fuller said the process is worthwhile, especially when she's able to personally congratulate accepted applicants.

"I've made some really fun phone calls recently to those that were admitted," she said. "There's nothing like delivering good news like that."

Elon's international population is currently 5 percent, and Fuller said she hopes that number will continue to grow.