Burlington and Gibsonville are partnering up to bring a public transportation system to Alamance County.

Although the Elon Board of Aldermen voted against the Burlington public transportation proposal earlier this month, the new plans will still affect many in the community.

"There are places that are just too far to walk," said Alamance County resident Nathan Wood. "You don't even try because you don't feel like walking if it takes you half a day."

On average, Wood walks about five miles a day.

For many local community members, a public transportation system is something they would use for getting to work.

The new public transportation system was approved this June, and according to Burlington-Graham Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Director, Mike Nunn, it will take some time to get the system going in the area.

"It will be another 11 to 12 months before we receive equipment," said Nunn.

The plan is to have four buses running Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Most of the routes will go through the major streets, public services buildings and grocery stores.

Funding for this project was also discussed.

"There is a federal grant, which is going to provide 80 percent of our equipment purchase," said Nunn.

According to Nunn, the City of Burlington will pay 10 percent of the 20 percent left. And the North Carolina Department of Transportation will then pay the other 10 percent.

Bus fare will be about $1 for community riders.