Kerry and Stuart White both enrolled as students at Elon College 30 years ago after falling in love with the school. The Elon tradition continued last year when they moved in their daughter Lindsay.

"We came down and visited, and I just fell in love with it," Lindsay said.

The Whites have always loved participating in Elon traditions. And spending Family Weekend with their sophomore daughter was an opportunity they weren't going to miss.

"We came down in August to drop Lindsay off, [and] I feel like I never left," said Stuart White, class of 1987. "Obviously the place has changed, but it's [still] pretty special."

Despite all the changes Elon's campus has gone through since the White's enrollment, they still consider the campus to be their home.

"Definitely, physically it's changed, but there's still a community feeling here," said Kerry White, class of 1988. "A sense of friendliness, and just a sense of family when you walk onto campus. It's exactly how I remember it."

Lindsay says she loves sharing a campus with her parents.

"People find it so special when I mention that both of my parents went here," Lindsay said.

While not every weekend is Family Weekend, the Whites say they still visit as much as they can.

"We were so excited because when we come back, we feel like we're still in college," said Kerry White. "You get that warm 'at home' feeling when you come"