The image of the sunrise over the new Global Neighborhood has recently sparked publicity for Elon University. This photo was retweeted more than 180 times and favorited more than 230 times.

With classes beginning in less than 48 hours, not all students have had the opportunity to venture over to the latest completed construction project on Elon's campus. And it has more to offer than just a pleasant morning view.

Global Neighborhood lives up to its name and emphasizes an international learning environment.

Jeffrey Coker is the director of Elon's Core Curriculum. Coker said the core curriculum fosters an intellectual environment among students.

"It creates these very different, very rich, interdisciplinary conversations, just organically. Exciting ideas come from that," Coker said.

Coker isn't the only one who is excited about the new area on campus. Parents of first-year students living in the Global Neighborhood also said they were please to learn that their children will be living in a diverse new environment.

Elon parent Bob Nash said he likes the location proximity for his daughter's COR class to her dorm.

"I think it's fantastic. It's close to where she lives. I mean, you can role out of bed, walk to right to class and meet kids," he said.

Gary Rozynek's is also an Elon parent of a student living in the Global Neighborhood.

"I'm seeing today with all the kids moving in a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. They're engaged and really very excited about the upcoming year," Rozynek said. "The vision of the administration has come through. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful."

Aside from the aesthetics the academics still take the lead. With 80 percent of the residents being underclassmen, it allows first year students to meet international students the moment they arrive on campus and stay involved in the university's push for stronger multi-cultural engagement.

Elon sophomore Jasper Thomas is a returning living-and-learning Global resident. Thomas said he likes living in the Global Neighborhood because it allows him to immerse himself with students who have different cultural experiences than his own.

"It's just great meeting them and hearing their experiences and their culture and having them teach me things and have me teach them things. So it's a give and take."

Within Global Commons, different education departments from all over campus have at least one faculty representative located on the second floor. Coker referred to this as an "interdisciplinary incubator."

"It is great to be right in the middle of the residential neighborhood, so we are completely surrounded by first-year students. So it should create a lot of opportunity for professor/student interaction," Coker said.

But the Global Neighborhood isn't just for younger students. The second floor is also home to Project Pericles, for all the Periclean Scholars and the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center for international students and study abroad opportunities.

"We'd like to think that Global Commons will be a focal point for global thinking, global activity on campus," said Woody Pelton, Dean of Global Studies.

One of the most exciting attractions coming to the Global Neighborhood is Argo Tea, which will be coming soon to bring international tastes to this diverse community.

Pelton said that with this new venue coming soon, students and faculty alike will be excited for this global oriented food and drink.

Regardless of grade level or area of study, the Global Neighborhood has something to offer all students.