When it comes to studying abroad in college, most students will agree with Senior Sarah Endorf, who believes that everyone should go abroad as much as possible. Elon University grants students multiple opportunities to study abroad during their college career, from the many full semester programs to the popular Winter Term trips. Yet how do the two compare for one’s experience outside of the Elon bubble?

Winter Term Abroad

Most winter term trips travel to multiple cities and countries in three weeks, an experience that allows them to explore a variety of different cultures and environments. Each course has an outlined plan of trips and sites the group will do together, as well as some down time for students to explore on their own. For those who have never been out of the country, the “hand-holding” that usually takes place in the structured setting of these trips is highly beneficial and comforting. Students can feel challenged by the new culture, but have an Elon family to fall back on and reflect with through their shared experiences. Junior Aly Yarwood says that the tighter course schedule enables students to “take advantage of every opportunity that cities have to offer.” Having been abroad for both a semester and Winter Term, Aly believes that the one big downside to Winter Term is that “what a student doesn’t get is a sense of home.”