After three months of civil and violent unrest, a new day has risen for Ukraine. President Yanukovych has been ousted by Parliament leaving its people wondering what's next.

Since November, thousands have taken to the streets protesting the fate of the country. Yanukovych wanted to keep close relations with neighboring Russia while much of the population wishes to break free from Soviet era ties and join the European Union and modern Europe. The protests left 75 dead and Ukrainian news outlets report more than 1,000 protestors and police wounded.

The fate of the Ukrainians could be held in the upcoming May presidential elections.

Elon sophomore Jessika Dorcas has traveled to Ukraine every summer since 2009 for mission work. Dorcas hopes Ukraine's upcoming elections can secure a positive future for its people.

"My hope is that when May 25 rolls around for the election, that they elect someone into power who will care for the people and not for the government's interests," Dorcas said.

While there is currently no front-runner for the elections, the outcome may reveal whether Ukraine will align itself with the East or the West.