At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, two special allocations and an amendment to the elections procedures packet passed in the Senate.

Young Americans for Liberty S.E. Cupp

“This is exactly the type of thing we should be funding,” senior Greg Zitelli, religious organizations representative, said. “It stimulates the intellectual climate on campus.”

The special allocation passed unanimously, noting the Young Americans for Liberty have already raised money to cover Cupp’s travel expenses and accommodations, as well as one-third of her $3,000 appearance fee. The $2,000 allocation will cover the remainder.

The Senate also unanimously approved a special allocation for Campus Outreach to send members of the organization to its annual New Year’s conference. Though Campus Outreach did not request a definitive amount, the organization asked for $250 per member attending the conference.

In other news, Senate Bill 13-11.2, which updates election dates for 2014, passed in a unanimous vote. The bill also requires future SGA candidates to fund their campaigns through personal finances and printing dollars.

Leo Moran, a sophomore finance major, was unanimously voted into the vacant professional organizations seat by the Senate.