The Moseley parking lot will be downsizing after fall break to allow for construction to begin on the Inman Admissions Welcome Center, according to an email to the student body from Dennis Franks, director of campus safety and police.

The Moseley lot currently has 287 spaces and will decrease to approximately 100 spaces along with a few 20 minute parking spaces.

"I think it's going to cause a lot of problems because everybody likes to park here to go to the library, go to the gym, go to Moseley," said Devon Rogers, a sophomore who has a car on campus. "Right now, their backup plan is kind of weak and there's not really a place to park for the central campus."

Commuter students will not be able to park in the McMichael lot after fall break but can park in the Colonnades, Danieley Center, East Gym, Arts West and Hunt Stadium lots. Students with Greek Court (LG), Francis Center (GF) and graduate student (GR) permits will still be able to park in McMichael.

[quote]Right now, [the university's] backup plan is kind of weak and there’s not really a place to park for the central campus.” - Devon Rogers, sophomore [/quote]

"[If I were a commuter student], I'd be really upset because I'd say, 'What's the point of commuting if I can't even park when I want to be going?'" Rogers said of the new parking arrangement.

Cooper Boyd, a sophomore, suggested Elon take a lesson from other universities and large cities and build vertically. During an SGA meeting last April, Smith Jackson, vice president and dean of student life, said a parking garage would cost approximately $15,000 per floor where a typical parking lot costs around $1,000. Boyd still believes the investment would be worthwhile.

"With the amount of [parking] tickets they give out, they can afford it," Boyd said.

While the parking lots nearest the center of campus will be more restrictive, a new lot has opened on East College Avenue which will be for students living in the Historic Neighborhood. Students who have been parking in the East Gym lot and temporary spaces on Lebanon Avenue will have to move their cars to this lot effective next week.

Use the interactive graphic below to explore the amount of parking available in each lot on campus.