It’s always a challenge to fit wardrobes from every season into a small dorm-room closet.  This encourages some serious creativity to use pieces year-round.  The key pieces that transcend the seasons can help save your wallet as we transition from winter to spring.


There’s no doubt that a scarf is traditionally a winter accessory, but recent trends have scarves as an ideal piece in layering for the spring.  Instead of packing up your scarves when the warm weather comes around, incorporate them into spring outfits.  They are a great alternative to a necklace paired with a spring dress, or they can be worn on a chilly night with a light jacket and pair of shorts.


Just because spring is approaching doesn’t mean you have to ban all boots from your wardrobe. Winter boots you’ve been wearing all season work just as well with cutoff shorts or a loose skirt to create a casual vibe.


There are very few things that ruin a warm-weather outfit faster than a parka. Since spring is finally here, ditch the heavy coat and sport the fitted blazer that has been hidden by all the winter layers.  A blazer can accent a dressy or casual outfit and can be worn as a neutral tone or a pop of color.