Although many Elon students choose to graduate early, one unique Elon program is designed for students to obtain their bachelor's degrees in only three years.

The dual-degree engineering program allows students to receive their undergraduate degrees in three years and then go onto graduate school for engineering at a different university and receive their master's degrees in two years.

Elon has a partnership with six universities that have distinguished engineering schools like North Carolina State University, Georgia Tech, and Columbia University. Many of the students in the dual-degree program attend these universities after they complete their three years at Elon.

Sophomore Blaine Ramsdell is a student in the dual-degree program with an engineering-physics concentration.

Ramsdell said that the dual-degree program Elon offers will be beneficial when he begins to look for jobs in the engineering field after his five years of schooling.

"I feel like it will be a big help for the real world, coming out of school, you know, out of my five years. It will definitely help set me apart from the other engineers in the workforce because, you know, they'll see me coming out with the two degrees in five years," Ramsdell said.