Oxygen – it’s necessary. You probably understand that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In your dorm room, all you have is concrete walls and a serious lack of foliage.

Granted, you won’t actually suffocate without plants around you all the time, but schoolwork and stress can certainly make you feel suffocated. For this, there’s a simple solution – buy a plant, or a few plants, and start a dorm garden.

According to a study by The University of Hawaii at Manoa, plants better the quality of air, lower stress levels, help decrease fatigue and raise work efficiency, giving many benefits from one tiny decoration. Your posters probably won’t do all that for you.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about space with plants. If you feel like you’re already incredibly limited in your room, add a small plant that can withstand fluorescent ceiling lights and the occasional lack of water.

Bamboo and cacti make great additions for those who forget about the welfare of their plants. If you want some color in your room, add an African violet or a gerbera daisy. They only require some indirect light from a window and moderate watering.

For those who enjoy cooking, herbs are easy to grow in limited space and some also add natural aromas. Lemongrass, for example, doesn’t even require soil – just some water. Mint is a great herb to add, as it happens to go well with sweet tea for all of the Southerners out there. Others herbs include rosemary, thyme and coriander, and all herbs thrive the most on a windowsill.

Add some spice to your life, or just more oxygen to a room. Plants are easy to maintain and give great results with minimal care.