Earlier this month, Elon's men's basketball team held tryouts, and for two freshmen, it was an accomplishment to make the team.

Freshmen Wes Brewer and Sam Hershberger are two of the team's newest additions to the squad. But while making the team is a great success, they agree that nothing short of hard work is going to keep them there.

It doesn't matter how good a shooter, re-bounder or passer you are, when it comes to walking on the team, Assistant Coach Jack Wooten said there are no guarantees.

"You're not going to be guaranteed travel with us every game. You're not going to be guaranteed to dress," Wooten said. "You've got to earn that."

Wooten himself was a walk on at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill during his playing days and knows what it takes to make the cut year after year.

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"When you add the basketball team its like a job," he said. "It's an everyday commitment. It's four or five hours, you know, a day."

Sam Hershberger, who now lives a completely different life because of basketball said that it was definitely different in the beginning.

"Through the first month I kind of got into a routine," Hershberger said. "So that routine has kind of changed now but I'm just trying to feel it out."

Hershberger and Brewer, both agree that they have done well, though. After two weeks of being on the team, the transition of becoming a student athlete has gotten easier.

"It's different," Brewer said. "I mean, I'm just trying to manage time and cut out the naps for practice times in the afternoons."

During Homecoming Weekend, the men's and women's basketball team hosted the annual Maroon and Gold game between the players, and the two walk-ons saw some playing time and got a chance to meet some fans.

Even though Hershberger and Brewer said Sunday was fun, they know the work wont stop. And while being a student athlete is a challenge, they said they know they have what it takes.

"I've been doing it through high school," Hershberger said. "You kind of, you've been used to it over the years. You just find a way"