Early morning wake up calls, endless reps in the weight room, the blood, sweat and tears amounting in countless hours of hard-work.

For five dedicated former Elon athletes, all that time and energy devoted to bettering themselves and their teams is recognized by induction into the Elon Sports Hall of Fame.

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"Once I'm gone my son can see there is my dad's name. This is something that will always be at Elon," said Whit Bryant '03 (Baseball). "It is kind of etched in stone now."

Of those five athletes softball player Kelly Roscoe '99 was happy to see her career come full circle. In her sophomore year at Elon Roscoe never struck out in her more than 100 times at bat.

"I knew that I've always had that itch to continue playing or be involved but this really just closed the door in the sense on a high note and I'm able to feel comfortable with that and satisfied with my career and honored," Roscoe said. "It is an honor, Elon is an exceptional school and I'm honored to be an Elon Alum."

Hall of Fame inductee Derrick Moore '01 was the last quarterback to play for the Fighting Christians and was the first Quarterback for the Phoenix. Upon coming back to Elon he is excited to relive the 'glory days.'

"I'm ready to suit up," said Moore. "It's great I mean it's a beautiful campus, the love is still here the people are still the same, everybody is down to earth. I miss it. I honestly plan to come back a lot more now."

Other inductees are amazed at the campus improvements as well the coaching staff Elon has scored.

"Oh my goodness, it's grown, everything," said Lakia Hayes Morton '98 (Basketball). "You have everything. You even have Charlotte Smith, oh my gosh. She's one of my favorites, I'm sorry."

Morton is excited to see Charlotte Smith lead the women's basketball team this season. A team Morton played for 15 years ago under Coach Brenda Paul.