In a 35-0 vote, the Senate approved a reaffirmation of the SGA stance on diversity, which is stated:

Whereas: The first theme of the Elon Commitment Strategic Plan is to increase diversity and global awareness on campus and;

Whereas: Discriminatory acts on campus during this academic year have highlighted the need for a more complex understanding of diversity;

Whereas: Diversity is not always seen visually but contributed also through differing beliefs, values and ideas.

Be it resolved by the Student Government Association of Elon University that:

Article I: We the Student Government Association of Elon University define diversity as appreciating and celebrating individual, community and cultural differences through learning and understanding. These differences include and are not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, origin, socioeconomics, sexual orientation, gender and geographic location of origin.

Article II: It is the responsibility of the Student Government Association of Elon University to promote an inclusive and pluralistic environment where all members of the Elon community, in efforts to become global citizens, respect human differences and strive to cherish diversity.

In other news:

  • The senior class will host a fundraiser at YoZone March 14. Students will receive 20 percent off all purchases made on that day.
  • Senior class pennies will be available in the bookstore after spring break.