From the doldrums of classes to hiding from the bitter cold, many college students retreat into their dorms and apartments to hibernate during the winter. And when spring comes along, students don’t want their space looking dull and dreary. College students can easily take a few simple, easy and affordable steps to brighten up their space.

  • Simple additions to a living space can amount to a huge aesthetic difference. Putting small, colorful rugs on bare floors in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen can give a room a bright lift. Colors such as light green, blue or pink are great options for subtly softening the look of a room.
  • Even adding simple artwork to the walls can make a difference. Switch out an old poster or cover up a blank wall space with artwork that has simple patterns and designs to instantly brighten up a room. Also, if no desirable artwork can be found, students can make their own with poster board and Sharpies, or even enlarge their own photographs and hang them on the wall.
  • In addition, for people in apartments with furniture or students with hutches on their desks, a fresh coat of paint can be added.
  • An easy approach to dull bedding can be to add brightly colored pillows and blankets. Cheap bedding accessories are available at many stores and  offered in large selections.
  • To engage the senses, air fresheners can be used to add the scents of spring to a stale smelling dorm room or apartment. Room sprays and oil diffusers are some of the best ways to spread the scent of spring.
  • For students who have little time to decorate, a small plant such as a cactus or bamboo, can be added as a quick fix. Whenever students stop by the grocery store, they can pick up some fruit, put it in a bowl and the room instantly seems fresher and less dreary.

  • Craftier students could add some homemade additions to their space. Reusing mason jars has become a new trend. They can be used for holding flowers, office supplies, bathroom supplies and more. Lights or electronic candles can also be placed in them to give off a warm glow.
  • A fun way to brighten a room is to cover plastic cups with fabric and then attach them to a string of lights. First, start off with clear plastic cups and trace their length and width by marking them on a piece of fabric. Make sure to mark the back of the fabric. Then, cut the fabric and glue it onto the cup. Poke one of the lights on the string of lights through the bottom of the cup so the bulb is inside the cup.
  • For another wall space update, old shoebox tops can be used. The tops can be covered either in fabric or wrapping paper and hung on the wall in a mosaic form.
  • Finally, as the sun begins to warm up the days, catch some of the rays with homemade sun catchers. According to, bake marbles at 325 degrees to 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Then, put the marbles in ice water so  they crack inside. When they are done, glue on end caps with starter rings so they can hang near a window.
When it comes to spring, no change is a bad change. Any of these small adjustments to brighten up a dorm or apartment can force the winter out of any room.