In today’s world, college degrees are the way to add more figures to a salary. According to a recent study by Georgetown University, majors that have higher earnings are gaining popularity. But students at Elon University are still choosing the majors that interest their curiosity.

Students’ choice of field of study represents their interests, although financial concerns are still evident.

“I feel all students have these fears,” said freshman Devon Gailey, a media arts and entertainment major. “I decided to pick an unprofitable major. However, it’s something I find myself to be passionate about. I wouldn’t change my major. Even if it’s not as prosperous as I’d want it to be, I’ll still be proud of what I do.”

[box]Top Majors at Elon University

  • Strategic communications
  • Psychology
  • Media arts and entertainment
  • Finance and marketing
Information courtesy of Mary Wise, associate vice president of academic affairs[/box] In choosing her minor, though, Gailey said she is looking toward a subject that could possibly bring her more revenue and more opportunities in the future.

“Chinese would be an idea because it’s a language often used in the business world, and since business is in general more lucrative than film, I could use my knowledge of Chinese to open up a lot of new opportunities for myself,” Gailey said.

Regardless of the major, internships enhance a student’s marketability, according to USA Today Educate. The survey also said that graduate degrees can add to yearly earnings in any career, as long as the difference between that and the cost of graduate school even out.

To Elon freshman Josh Kaufmann, money does not factor into his decision to major in psychology, he said.

“Money has been one of the last things to motivate me,” Kaufmann said. “I want to be well off enough to have my basic needs met, but I’ve always lived by staying true to myself. I honestly just want to be happy, and money won’t make me happy.”