The General Studies Review committee spoke to the Student Government Association about the revisions they hope to make to the GST curriculum, up for a faculty vote Oct. 28.

With the revisions, the committee hopes to integrate general studies classes so that they connect more with students' majors and the classes they take for their majors to create a greater connection between classes.

Right now with other areas of study, students can double major, minor or study abroad. Another additive to the curriculum the committee hopes to makes is to start a sort of minor called a "pathway."

A "pathway" would be three classes that students could take that could connect and teach certain skills that would pertain to or be helpful with their major.

The committee explained that "pathways" would be especially good for cover letters to talk about specific skills students have. Students could then explain how they have learned those skills through extensive study through a "pathway."

The new curriculum would also change the requirement of one Experiential Learning Requirement class to two ELR classes, which would be fulfilled through a course or experience that involves community engagement. ELRs also include internships or research.

Wellness classes would also no longer be a required first year class under the new curriculum.

Instead, wellness classes would be added as an optional class under the choices for core curriculum classes and would be lengthened to a four credit hour, full semester class.

The language requirement would also be lengthened. Students would have to reach the 221-proficiency level rather than the 122-level that is the minimum right now. This means an extra four credit hours would be needed to fulfill the language requirement.

According to the committee, if this were to be enacted now, only 15 percent of the student body would be affected, meaning they would have to take and extra language course.

Also during the meeting, SGA voted on two allocations.

SGA passed the first allocation for the Class of 2012 Periclean Scholars to attend an international conference in India. Each of the 11 students will receive a total of $600 to help pay for their airfare.

They will be attending a summit in India for NGOs that focus on rural development and women's empowerment. Also, during their trip, they will be building a house and a new facility for Helping Hands, which helps women in India learn skills such as building and crafting.

The second allocation to fund three students from SPARKS to attend a conference on peer education in Washington D.C. was denied. In the past, SPARKS was funded by a grant that helped pay for their travel expenses, but the grant was cut after budget cuts in North Carolina last year.

In other news:

• A bill was passed to amend the SGA Treasurer's Manual specifically to address the allocation of student loans since there was no prior mention in the manual. SGA cannot allocate funds to any off-campus accounts or unaudited organizations. • The Homecoming concert location was confirmed for the Colonnades parking lot. • The PR team for SGA has started to highlight an Event of the Month. For the month of September, SGA recognized Hillel for their Interfaith Post 9/11 food drive. • SGA will be participating in Trick or Treat at Moseley, which takes place on October 31 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students can come learn more about the offices in upstairs Moseley and what they do while getting candy.