Thrift happens: vintage and thrift shopping tips

4/11/16 9:30pm

Thrift and vintage shopping is an art form. There's something mesmerizingly cathartic about sifting through racks of t-shirts and oversized sweaters, and the moment a true gem is found makes the whole process worthwhile. To ensure that each trip to Goodwill never ends empty handed, here are some tips ...

Boot envy

12/3/15 5:10pm

As long as you can boast each of these styles, boot envy doesn't stand a chance.

Marble madness

12/3/15 5:08pm

A little change of case can completely transform your device and add to your style.

So fly: airport style

11/19/15 11:13am

As Thanksgiving break approaches, many students are packing their carry-ons and hopping on planes to LAX, home, or a friend's house to celebrate the much-needed break from classes.

First date outfit guide

11/11/15 11:11am

Every first date comes with jitters and anticipation, but it's time to take one anxiety-provoking thought out of the equation: outfit stress.

Survive rainy days in style

10/22/15 11:24am

Waking up on a rainy day can seem daunting — gray skies and gloomy moods make getting dressed nothing but drab. Turn your wardrobe woes around by taking a few of these go-to rainy day ideas.

How to rock arm candy

10/17/15 7:18pm

It's no secret that #armcandy has taken social media by storm in the past couple of months. Dazzling your arm with beautiful bracelets and watches is an excellent way to accessorize.


9/22/15 2:35pm

Whether it's a sushi-filled dinner at Red Bowl, trivia night at Fat Frogg or a good old-fashioned frat party, there's hardly ever a dull moment once the sun sets over Lake Mary Nell.

Taylor Swift to launch her own clothing line

7/22/15 9:03pm

Taylor Swift once built an empire on simple guitar riffs and relatable love song lyrics. She then transformed this empire into one of catchy dance-pop beats, celebrity feuds and one badass, model-filled girl gang. The logical next step?

Keeping up with the cornrows

7/19/15 10:49pm

What do you get when two teenage starlets butt heads over a hairstyle? A corn-troversy. As if it isn’t hard enough to “keep up” with this family — the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kylie Jenner, has managed to cause quite the squabble in Hollywood with her newest hairstyle: cornrows. Speculated to have a cumulative net worth of more than $150 million from various clothing lines, television shows and the sex tape that started it all, the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have undoubtedly made themselves household names.

Week in review: 7/13-7/19

7/19/15 4:59pm

All the news you need to know from last week: Louis Tomlinson is going to be a dad — well, allegedly. The One Direction member has yet to personally confirm the news, but sources close to the star have said he will be having a child with stylist Briana Jungwirth.

Chrissy Tiegen takes on Instagram censorship with topless photo

7/1/15 5:38pm

Chrissy Tiegen turned a topless photo of herself into art — in three different media, might we add — and the reason why may surprise you. The model uploaded a topless photo of herself from a recent shoot withW Magazine to Instagram on Monday, only to find it was taken down almost immediately.

Lululemon once again recalls merchandise

6/27/15 5:19pm

Lululemon has, yet again, made quite the “boo-boo.” You may remember the company’s slip-up a few years ago when they were forced to recall several of their yoga pants for unveiling a little more than just workout sweat.