Elon University will be reimbursing the rent of all fifty five students who had to move out of Park Place due to mold and mildew issues. 

University Communications did not provide Elon News Network the total cost for relocated students, but based on reimbursement rates provided by University Communications, the maximum payout for a three person apartment is more than fourteen thousand dollars. That covers rent, gas, and hotel room costs, but many residents will see less since they were able to move in earlier. 

Three weeks into the semester, several students from Park Place are returning to their apartments to move back in. Some of them say this process is a huge hassle. 

“Just the thought of having to move in again after I spent four days doing that at the beginning of the school year. It’s really overwhelming,”  Taylor Cassidy, an Elon junior, said.  

According to University Communications, eight apartments have been cleaned and approved for use, and by September 30th, all of the affected apartments will be ready to live in again. However, some students with health issues like asthma, are still worried the issues might not be over. 

The mold had caused my asthma attack and it was making me worse," Erin Bishop, an Elon senior, said. "My dad’s worried at least that it’s in the hallways still...even if I’m in for a short while, if I’m continuously walking through the hallways throughout the year, I mean, that adds up.” 

Bishop hopes in the future, problems like these will be addressed sooner. 

“There is always worries that this could happen again and I just hope that those small signs aren’t brushed off next time,” Bishop said. 

While the students haven’t been reimbursed yet for the rent of their Park Place apartment, the University has provided phoenix cash for the students, as well as transportation from the hotel to Elon.

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