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NEWS 11/30/12 6:54pm

Coming home

BARCELONA—It has been almost three months. I have been to three countries other than Spain and I have been to nine different cities besides Barcelona.

NEWS 10/28/12 3:36pm

Festivals continue despite economic situation in Spain

BARCELONA - Spain has been combating an economic recession and a 25 percent unemployment rate the past four years, and the end is nowhere in sight. Weekly transportation strikes and marches protesting high tax rates have erupted across the country. On September 25, 6,000 protestors stormed the Spanish Parliament in Madrid demanding for an end to austerity measures and for the resignation of Spain’s central conservative government.

NEWS 9/18/12 8:56pm

Outnumbered: Language barrier in Barcelona

My journey to Barcelona was uneventful.  I packed everything I needed, didn’t forget my contacts and made both of my flights with time to spare. But one image stuck in my mind. As I was going through security in the Boston airport, I noticed an older man and his son directly in line directly behind me.

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