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NEWS 8/24/17 4:21pm

CAMPUS VOICES: Use SGA as a resource

Class of 2021, I am more than excited to welcome you to Elon University. While I am certainly not nearly the first to do so, I wish to add to the chorus of voices that are glad you are on campus and hoping you will have the most amazing time over the next four years here as part of our community.

NEWS 12/7/16 1:01pm

CAMPUS VOICES: A guide for democrats

Apparently, we Democrats are “lost in the woods.” I thought, in my infinite wisdom as a 21 year-old in college, I should write a guide for us on what we can be doing in the mean time and how to get out of these woods. The election ended around 2:00am on Wednesday, November 9th when Hillary Clinton called to concede to Donald Trump.

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