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NEWS 2/13/15 8:04pm

Pi Kappa Phi fraternity under hazing investigation

Updated: Sunday Feb. 15 at 8:30 p.m. Elon's Pi Kappa Phi chapter is under investigation by the Office of Student Conduct for alleged hazing, according to Dean of Students, Smith Jackson. "The investigation will be done thoroughly and expeditiously," Dean Jackson said in an email to ELN Sunday night.

NEWS 1/17/15 12:30am

Duke's Muslim call to prayer brings hundreds

Hundreds gathered outside of Duke University's Chapel for the Muslim call to prayer Friday afternoon, despite the University allowing, then denying, the prayer to be broadcast across campus from the bell tower. Yesterday's prayer was amplified from a small speaker, despite Duke University officials originally announcing earlier this week that the Islamic weekly call to prayer, or the adhan, would be broadcasted from the Duke Chapel tower. Duke University officials said that the primary reason to change their previous decision was due to a "credible and serious security threat." The University had also received heavy criticism from Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Reverend Billy Graham and head of Samaritan's Purse,. At Friday's prayer, Duke students brought signs to the event to protest Duke's reversal on the decision and were not shy to voice their opinions. "I think I would voice my concern with what I feel is a unilateral decision by the administration to cancel the event without really without consulting the communities involved," second-year Duke Univeristy Divinity student, Robert Densmore said. Densmore was among many there in support of the Muslim call to prayer and held a sign reading "Let Us Worship Together." There was no visible opposition to the call to prayer before or during worship. For more on participants and Elon's reaction, tune into Elon Local News on Monday at 6 p.m.

NEWS 11/20/14 4:29pm

Elon's Office of Greek Life explains hazing procedures

In the wake of fraternity hazing at West Virginia University, many schools are looking into their own hazing procedures for Greek Life and other campus organizations. At Elon University, the Student Conduct Policy defines hazing as "any activity that would interfere with a person's emotional, intellectual ability to perform academically regardless of their willingness to engage in it." Shana Plasters, Director of Greek Life, says hazing is an honor code violation, but it doesn't just apply to Greek Life. "Hazing's an honor code violation and so that's how we would look at it regardless the student group or the athletic team or whatever might be involved," Plasters said. According to Assistant Director of Greek Life Jordan King, preventing hazing on campus is a challenge. "I think getting through to students that that's not okay and giving them a voice to really be able to communicate that to people," King said.

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