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NEWS 12/6/11 4:36pm

The Ranking Game

Since the creation of the U.S. News & World Report rankings in 1983, prospective college students have looked to the rankings to navigate the myriad of opportunities available to them. But there there have been people who disagree with the schools that are described as "America's Best" every year.

NEWS 11/1/11 10:11pm

New ABSS initiative goal: Create tech-savvy critical thinkers

The Alamance-Burlington School System will soon stop being an orange. ABSS has adopted the Common Core and Essential Standards, an initiative that attempts to level the playing field among its own schools and those around the country so a more accurate comparison can finally be made. "Before, when we've compared ourselves to other states, it's been like comparing apples to oranges," said Rhonda Schuhler, director of professional development and recruitment for ABSS.

NEWS 11/1/11 10:08pm

Old funding supports new projects in Elon

This year, the city of Burlington will receive an additional $50,000 from Powell Bill funds, a North Carolina Department of Transportation program that is distributing $138 million this year to more than 500 North Carolina municipalities for purposes of local road maintenance.

NEWS 10/18/11 8:45pm

Elon to host engineering competition for local high school students

Dozens of local high school students will be welcomed on Elon University's campus Feb. 23 to compete in Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathemathics and Science, a competition coinciding with National Engineers Week. "This is an opportunity for high school students to explore engineering and decide if they want to pursue it in college or for a career," said Sirena Hargrove-Leak, an engineering professor at Elon and the main faculty sponsor of the event. The competition itself will consist of two exams that students will complete in teams of five to eight.

NEWS 9/23/11 5:48pm

Scientific Illiteracy: A National Problem, Localized

by Nick Zanetti Senior Reporter While talking to Tony Crider, chair of the physics department, this week about the National Science Foundation grant Elon University recently received, he was telling me about how the United States has fallen behind in science and math education.

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