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NEWS 2/10/16 9:25pm

Spoon University's brings newest chapter to Elon

As Elon University students mindlessly scroll through Facebook, they often stumble upon recipe and food related articles and videos from outlets like BuzzFeed or Food Network that their friends have shared.  Students now have the opportunity to publish or view similar articles written by their peers with a college twist on Spoon University, a food resource for millennials. Freshman Jordan Hsu, senior fashion reporter for The Edge, junior Meredith Taylor and junior Caroline Peyser have worked to bring a Spoon University chapter to Elon.  “Spoon University is basically an online platform for students to get connected and be connected around food," Hsu said. "It provides written content including written articles, videos, great pictures and recipes.

NEWS 2/3/16 5:00pm

Elon Eats: Harusaki

Unlike the high prices found at Red Bowl or Simply Thai, two sushi rolls (8 pieces each) with a salad or soup can is just $9 or three rolls with a salad or a soup is only $13.50 at the Japanese restaurant Harusaki.

NEWS 11/19/15 9:39am

Diversity is gold

The only way that we will be able to continue to preserve this richness, this gold that we call diversity, is by promoting a model that is inclusive for all, where the human being is a race by itself, entitled to own the same rights and different beliefs and perspectives of the world.

NEWS 10/6/15 3:00pm

Lessons from Piper Kerman

Lucía Jervis     The Secrets of a Life in Prison: A talk with Piper Kerman   People are usually excited to listen to someone else’s story, either if it is a love story or a horrible story.

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