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NEWS 11/6/12 8:36pm

The final push: How campaigns try to win votes to the very end

Political ads and campaigning for the Nov. 6 election have been ongoing for several months, but the weekend prior to the election, as well as Election Day itself, showed the hardest efforts made by both Democratic and Republican supporters in Alamance County. “The Alamance County Democratic Party has staff volunteers at all 37 voting locations to (give out) sheets that have our candidates listed on them, all the way from the president down to the local races for judges,” said Anna Gerow, vice-chair for the Alamance Country Democratic Party.

NEWS 5/6/12 10:55pm

Balancing science and art

For third year doctor of physical therapy student Ryan Mason, photography is a way to not only make some extra money, but to do something completely outside of the science world, just for himself. “What started off as something that was just kind of fun on the side became almost a necessity for me to have a break from (school),” Mason said.

NEWS 4/21/12 8:48pm

From the page to the stage

It isn’t always easy to bring a 200-year-old love story to life. But that is exactly what Elon University’s Department of Performing Arts has been working to achieve for the last several months. The department will present Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” written in 1813, as this year’s spring play April 19-22.

NEWS 3/8/12 9:10pm

Cirque du Soleil: Alumna brings technical and artistic skills to road show

It isn’t every day that a college graduate joins the circus following commencement, but for Elon graduate Stuart Richie, that’s exactly what happened. While interning with Cirque du Soleil for three months during the spring semester of her senior year in the Las Vegas production of Mystère, Richie applied for her current position as a stage manager on the European tour of Alegría. “On my trip back across the country (to get back on time for Elon’s 2010 commencement) I was contacted for an interview,” Richie said.

NEWS 2/14/12 1:00pm

iMedia students put real-world skills to test with fly-in projects

Graduate students’ winter fly- in projects couple professional experience with social action. In January, iMedia graduate students at Elon University took the course COM 570 — Interactive Project for the Public Good, during which they worked in teams to create an interactive media project for the common good in a foreign country. “The students get a chance to put the skills they’ve learned to date in the program to use in an accelerated project, one that’s far greater in scope than anything they’ve worked on so far,” said Phillip Motley, assistant professor of communications, who led one of two Costa Rica programs.

NEWS 11/22/11 3:06pm

Staying in shape the fun way

It goes without saying that, for some people, going to the gym three times a week and running on a treadmill isn’t exactly the most fun way to stay in shape.

NEWS 8/31/11 2:45pm

Recent initiatives boost Elon's sustainability objectives

A statewide law banning the disposal of electronics as household waste and the introduction of sustainable graduation gowns have bolstered efforts by Elon University's Office of Sustainability to make Elon a "green" campus. Under the Discarded Computer Equipment and Television Management Law approved this summer in North Carolina, electronics can no longer be discarded as household waste.

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