After six years of service with the Town of Elon Police Department, former Lt. Kedrick King was promoted to assistant police chief of operations. Within the new position, King is responsible for overseeing all patrol operations and patrol officers to ensure the safety of the town of Elon.  

Though promoted Sept. 11, King started working in law enforcement 10 years ago as a detention officer for the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office. 

Since joining the Town of Elon Police Department, he has moved swiftly through the ranks — starting out as a police officer, then a master police officer, patrol sergeant and finally lieutenant. 

King said it was his first job at Caswell County that gave him the foundation for a successful career at Elon. 

”Starting out in Caswell County – because I started in a jail — taught me how to talk to people,” King said. 

According to the Town of Elon Police Department’s chief, Kelly Blackwelder, it is King’s communication and people skills that played a big part in the decision to promote him. 

Blackwelder said King understands the importance of listening and interacting with all types of people, making him a positive influence in the community. 

Despite not having seniority within the department, Blackwelder said King has proved himself to be a dependable leader. 

“When it came time to make this decision, there was no one else that I wanted in this position,” Blackwelder said. “It came down to preference, it came down to who understands the vision that I’m creating, who has shown that they are able to meet the challenge and accept it and believes in the same things I believe in.”

In addition to his time with the Elon Police Department, King worked with the Elon University Campus Police Department for over two years, serving first as a police officer and then as a sergeant. 

King said he originally worked at campus police because both his aunt and sister graduated from the university, and he wanted to continue their legacy. During his time with university police, King said he got to know individuals throughout the community and formed relationships. 

Elon University Chief of Police Joe LeMire said while the town police department and campus police department are two separate entities, they work together in many instances to ensure the safety of both Elon’s campus and the broader community.

“What he really brings to the table is somebody in a position of leadership over there that’s worked both on campus and off campus,” Lemire said. 

Lemire said he believes King’s understanding of the two departments' jurisdictions will be helpful for someone in his role and have an overall positive impact on the community. 

While serving in his new position, King said he wants to continue the legacy of the department by fostering the creation of positive and motivated people who will bring success to the department and safety to the community. 

King said the law enforcement industry provides an opportunity for people to be a positive influence on society. 

“In my family, I have a lot of people on the opposite side,” King said. “I decided to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Being able to honestly say I chose the right path means a lot to me and means a lot to my family.”